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Henry Clampitt 

Tuesday May 9th
Red Clay School Board  

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  • DE Financial Training & Experience
  • School Board Member and Officer
  • Parent Assocation Member and Officer
  • Advocate for Families & Community

Facts ...

In 2012 our average third grade reading proficiency was at 62%, but by 2016 it was at 49% with barely a reaction from the board!  We are even farther off in math.  We simply must do better, and the board should be vocal about it.  All students can learn, and I believe it is the district’s job to educate with high expectations using building-based solutions.

I think we can do better.  I hope you agree.
I am the only candidate running who fully supports families with the freedom to use public school choice.  This includes the freedom and availability to choose our excellent magnet and charter schools as well as special programs in our traditional schools.  Families have different reasons for choice, and they know their children best.  Their choices should be honored wherever possible.  We need to build excellence into every school so that all schools are great choices for families.

Let's not take away choice options, let's make all schools better!
Our budget is at $250 million and growing.   I have the career experience and state financial training to oversee a budget of this size.  Delaware currently spends more $$ per student than most states while falling short on public confidence.  We have successful examples right here in Delaware for how to help student outcomes without breaking the bank.

Let's spend smarter before spending more.
We are at risk of a costly Wilmington redistricting proposal.  We are also at risk of losing your right to control school taxes through referendum.  If we consolidate districts, let's do it to provde better education for students!  We can help Wilmington students with thoughtful weighted funding, not with an ineffective redistricting proposal.

I will be a strong voice for students and taxpayers. 
The News Journal, Sunday Edition, May 7 2017 page A16

Henry ClampittDistrict:         Red Clay Consolidated School District
State:            Delaware
Town(s):       Wilmington, Hockessin, Yorklyn, Elsmere
Position:       School Board Candidate


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Election Date: May 9th 2017 ... Poll Locations: Red Clay School Buildings
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